Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4 Months!

4 month Stats

- Londyn 11.5 lbs
 -Layton   13.8 lbs
- Lance  14.6  lbs
*all are around 24 inches tall

Eating: still on Formula…may start the Rice Cereal soon!  Still eat every 3 hours during the day

Bedtime/ Awake: SO happy they are sleeping through the night! They Usually get around 8- 9 hours a night…a miracle considering their age and that there are 3 of them hah!

Diapers:  size 1

Clothes: some Newborns still, others are 3 months or 0-3 months.  Loving the cozy footed pjs now that it’s cooler!

Current Likes:  spending some weekends at both sets of grandparents houses (and mommy&daddy love that too!!), going to see Santa (we’ve been to 2 different ones already ha!), playing on the Baby Einstein musical mat, swinging

Latest Tricks: “talking” to us and to their toys, starting to recognize each other and that they are not alone, lots of SMILES and laughs, necks are getting stronger but still not quite enough to support themselves in a bumbo or exersaucer  The boys are getting strong and like to stand on our lap and have rolled onto their backs from tummy time. 


Turkeys at Thanksgiving :)



celebrating Grandad's bday!



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